Heart of Durham

Heart of Durham is a partnership project with Northumbrian Water Limited.  Based around the fringe of the North Pennines, stretching from Derwent Reservoir in the north to Hamsterley Forest in the south, the Heart of Durham Project aims to restore and recreate areas of habitat over a period of many years, with the cumulative effect of restoring landscapes where wildlife can thrive.


Heart Of Durham News 


The small pearl-bordered fritillary

The inspiration for the Heart of Durham project arose from the plight of the small pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly, one of the UK’s the most endangered resident butterfly species which is threatened with extinction in the Durham area, with numbers declining by at least 93% since the mid-nineteenth century.

Britain’s only venomous snake

A generous donation from the Sir Tom Cowie Charitable Trust has provided training and equipment for teams of Heart of Durham volunteers to carry out surveys in order to determine exact adder numbers in County Durham. The Heart of Durham Project is also working to conserve and restore habitat areas for this charismatic reptile, as well as creating artificial hibernation sites.


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Heart of Durham – removing, recycling and reusing

Saving money and reducing waste is a priority for the Heart of Durham Project. Here are some of the ways the project has supported this over the past year.








Heart of Durham Volunteering

If you would like to get involved with the project there is a Volunteer task running every Friday from Low Barns, have a look here to find out more or call Anne on 01388 488728 or e-mail aporter@durhamwt.co.uk.